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eBook Only 

So grateful that Clapham Publishing Services gave us the advice we were looking for to publish our ebook series. It has gives us the control and knowledge that we want for our own work. We think we've made more money this way. 

          - Jay Marie James

Some works are appropriate to being published only in e-book form. In these instances, getting a work printed and bound is an unnecessary expense and you might well prefer to invest solely in an ebook, also known as a digital format.

It's important to realise which genres sell the best digitially and which tend not to. And which eplatforms your work should be on. And on which devices your work should be accessible.   

At the best of times, adapting your work for uploading as an .epub or mobi is daunting. If you have a lot of pictures or a complex design, then the technology involved with turning your work into a professional-looking ebook readable on all devices can be overwhelming.

Our highly-trained book designer is experienced with .epub and mobi and the technological requirements of various eplatforms. We can put your ebook up on about 25 different eplatforms so that it is widely available.

How it Works: Contact us and tell us what you what's involved with your work: how many words, pictures, graphs, charts, illustrations, chapters. We tailor our pricing to the needs to your individual project. So tell us about it and we'll send you a quote.

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