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Both eBook and Print

I endorse Clapham Publishing Services, having benefited from its expertise in the publication of my book. It brought a keen sharpness to the eventual outcome.

          - Brian James

Some works are intended for as large an audience as possible. Commercially-minded authors who don't want to lose a single reader, businesses which want a public face for their publications, and hobbyists activists and intellectuals reaching out to far-flung enthusiasts should consider this service. 

Print-on-demand means that your work is available to be ordered through practically every bookstore, almost anywhere in the world. It is available both in paper and also as an e-book for every device. That's global distribution.

How it works: While options are somewhat more limited than the print-only service, you can nonetheless create exactly the book you want: hardcover, paperback, dust jacket, photographs, maps, illustrations, photos, fold-outs. And you can also have as many of them as you want, mailed to whatever address you want. The ebook is similarly bespoke. We create exactly what you want to see, and then make it go global. So contact us about the kind of work you would like to see produced. We'll give you a quote.

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