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Clapham Publishing Services has been pivotal for my self-publishing journey. Before, I didn't even think I could self-publish because it felt extremely overwhelming. Our conversations helped me organise myself and source external help where needed and in less than 2 months I had my book printed and delivered. I can't thank Clapham Publishing Services enough for giving me the belief in myself that "I can do this."

          - Denise Ratulea

There is nothing like the feeling of holding your book, printed and bound, in your own two hands. You can sell it to your friends and family, give it away as a Christmas or birthday present, or donate it to your local library. It's all your hard work made tangible.

You can create exactly the book you want: hardcover, paperback, dust jacket, photographs, maps, illustrations, photos, fold-outs. And you can have as many of them as you want, mailed to whatever address you want.

For specialist works where the visual lay-out and typography are integral to the storytelling itself, such as art and photography books, memoirs and cook books, we have a solid working relationship with award-winning, internationally renowned book designer Prof Phil Cleaver. Through his services we can push the boundaries of what constitutes a book to create something truly unique and utterly gorgeous. 

How it works: Contact us and tell us about your book: how many words, pictures, illustrations, and chapters. Tell us how big or small you'd like the book to be, and what kind of binding you'd like. Choose how many copies you'd like to have printed. If you're not sure about all those questions, we can chat over email or the phone. We'll then send you a quote that is tailored to your individual needs.

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