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Proofreading a Manuscript 

Clapham Publishing Services has a stellar dissertation editor. Not only does [the editor] have excellent command of complex grammar and syntax, she also delved into the material which enabled her to make helpful structural and wording changes to my text. Her finished product was polished and professionally presented, with the work having completed in a manner responsive to my timelines.

          - Sheila Jennings

Proofreading today is not what it was before digitialization. Between spell check and beta readers, most writers seem to think that proofreading went the way of the dodo. Sadly not. Instead, the job has changed to meet the demands of the digital era. 

Here's what the proofreader does:

  • corrects spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • ensures stylistic consistency (e.g. British/US English, forms of abbreviation, hyphenation, etc.)

  • checks page layout and ensuring consistency of presentation (e.g. page numbering, page depth, headings, spacing, justification, paragraph styles, etc.)

  • checks for bad word breaks, widows and orphans (books only)

  • cross-checks the contents section with the rest of the book to ensure accuracy; completes the information of the contents page if it hasn't already been done (i.e. page numbers) 

  • ensures that bibliographical references are consistent in terms of style/presentation and listed in correct order; cross-checks in-text citations against their entries in the reference list or bibliography

  • reads for sense

  • where necessary, compiles a list of outstanding queries for the author to address (e.g. inconsistent information, information or text that seems to be missing, etc.)

How it works: Email us the designed and typeset work and the contact details of your designer. Once payment has been received we send your work out to an experienced proofreader. It should come back to you within a few weeks. You have final say over any changes that are made.

What it costs: Approximately, we charge £1.20 per 1000 words. Exact pricing varies depending on the project and we tailor the proofreading to your work. A quote is available upon request.

All our proofreaders are Professional Members of the Society of Editors and Proofreaders, which certifies that they have appropriate qualifications and training.

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