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Second Stage:

The Mid-Development Draft

I got a superb critique of the book, very detailed and insightful.

- Dr. Andrew Rawlinson

Your work has now been rewritten and probably read by family and friends. It may even have sat in a desk drawer for a while before you dusted it off again. You doubt it's at its polished best, but are at a loss to know what to do next.

The edit of the mid-development draft is both a critical engagement with the work as a whole, as well as an edit at a more detailed level. Dialogue, tone and other language usage are flagged and corrected. In addition, the all-important structure, plotting, characterization and pacing are carefully examined. This edit can be quite dramatic as it might move chapters around, cut characters, or change key moments in the plot. The result is a substantially improved work, so that  the best of the book can emerge.

How it works: Submit a 1 page synopsis of your work and your manuscript. Once the fee has been paid, an experienced editor will read and comment on your work. You will receive back your work annotated, as well as several pages of written commentary. 

Most writers find that this edit builds their confidence and shows them a reasonable path forward. Practical advice and informed feedback assist in producing a better third draft.

The cost: £0.019 a word; 50% deposit in advance

Massive thanks to Clapham Publishing Services for loving the stories in the first place, and all the hard work and acute editing skills in making them the best they can be. 

          - Sarah Gray

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