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5 Must-Read Political Thrillers of 2018

As politics roils our countries with elections and the fall-out from elections, novelists are regaling us with stories that relate these issues. You could read the paper but that's too depressing and just plain overwhelming. Istead, shoot your politics through a prism of a page-turner. These books are superbly researched and knowledgeable, highly persuasive and good old-fashioned thrilling fun. Here are five of the best from 2018.

David Pepper, politcal thrillers, crime novels, political novels, current affairs, politics

1. The Wingman (Book 2) by David Pepper

In Book 2 of the Jack Sharpe thrillers, scandals are taking place in the Democratic Presidential party to put a corrupt politician in office. In a fight to prevent the scheme, Jack faces the seedy underbelly of politics and corruption. In his first novel, The People's House, Pepper unknowingly predicted the Russian influence in US elections, gaining him world-wide recognition and an endorsement from President Bill Clinton. But then he would endorse a plot based around a stolen election, wouldn't he.

Steve Powell, Term Limits, politcal thrillers, crime novels, political novels, current affairs, politics

2. Term Limits by Steve Powell

A congress full of double-dealing, a senate in partisan gridlock, a ruling elite who stand for re-election, and beneath it all, a suffering people hungry for change. In this page-turner that seems taken from the headlines of the newspapers, one man takes matter into his own hands to stand against the gun lobby and corrupt politicians. There's a point that Powell's making, not so much about gun control but about how the system works. But the book is never preachy; it always delivers on a thrilling ride of a read. Powell's work has been praised by a Washington insider, and reviewed as a plot that is entirely (and scarily) plausible! A highly topical political thriller.

Jack Carr, politcal thrillers, crime novels, political novels, current affairs, politics

3. The Terminal List by Jack Carr

After discovering the American government is behind the deaths of his comrades, a Navy SEAL seeks retribution, and uncovers the government conspiracies behind the attack, in this topical, suspenseful debut. Praised as one of the most exciting and intense thrillers by US veterans and bestselling authors alike.

Ben Coes, politcal thrillers, crime novels, political novels, current affairs, politics

4. Bloody Sunday by Ben Coes

From the bestselling Dewey Andreas novels, comes Bloody Sunday, the lastest fast-paced installment. North Korea is building its missile army with the help of new ally, Iran. With a dangerous deal being settled between the two nations, the world is in danger. After a CIA operation goes awry, agent Dewey Andreas is the only person who can stop the deal and save the millions of lives at stake.

President, Bill Clinton, James Patterson, politcal thrillers, crime novels, political novels, current affairs, politics

5. The President is Missing by President Bill Clinton and James Patterson

As enemies plan an attack on Washington, and rumours of traitors begin to spread, everyone becomes a suspect - including the President... until he goes missing. It's Patterson at his best. It might even be Clinton at his best. In this thriller, the president is a pretty canny, caring and thoughtful guy, the kind you'd like running your country and leading the world. It's a work of fiction. Obviously.

So there you have it! If you're on the hunt for something gritty, nerve-warcking and thought-provoking, these books will be the fix you're seeking.

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