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Third Draft:

The Finished Manuscript

The editor's skill, hard work and patience has honed this novel and made it publishable.

          - Sylvia Vetta

The third draft is your final polished draft. Your family and friends have all read it and said that it is delightful and perfect the way it is. It needs nothing more. It's done, cooked to perfection and ready for the wider world. That is the point at which you send it off for a full manuscript edit.

If you intend the rest of the world to to read it, your work has to be read carefully and line-by-line for those pesky grammar and spelling errors, and to catch the typos that have crept into your work. Holes in the plot, errors in logic, sudden changes of voice, pacing, finely-tuned characterization, missed opportunities to tighten the writing, appropriate chapter lengths, consistency, repetitions, pacing, point of view(s), will all be critically examined and queried. 

If you are interested in sending your work out to a publisher or an agent, or are thinking of self-publishing, this is an important final step to ensure your work is as polished as it could be.

How it works: Submit a 1 page synopsis of your work and your manuscript. Once the fee has been paid, an experienced editor will read and comment on your work. You will receive back your work annotated, as well as several pages of written commentary. 

Most writers find that this edit builds their confidence and shows them a reasonable path forward. Practical advice and informed feedback assist in producing a better read for publication or for attracting an agent.

The cost: £0.019 per 1,000 words; 50% deposit in advance

Thanks .... to Clapham Publishing for whipping this book into the polished tome it is now.

          - RB Watkinson

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