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Tell Your Story



Bring your book to life

Have a finished manuscript you would like to publish as an eBook, paperback or hardcover? Ever dreamed of holding your very own book in your hands? And then sharing it with friends and family or selling it in a bookstore? In the last stage of your creative journey, we can help bring your book to life. If you decide to self-publish, we also have the expertise to ensure your book is skilfully formatted, professionally designed, and beautifully presented. 

We're here to help at every stage

Our award-winning and professional editors will give you personalised feedback at every stage. Whether you need copy editing, proofreading, or substantive editing, we are here to help. We use tracked changes and provide a written commentary. Are you afraid of your manuscript proposal being rejected by agents? Or don't know how to create the perfect pitch? You have one shot, and we can help you to get your pitch in top shape. 



Have a story to tell but no clue how to tell it? Lost and frustrated? Ready to take your writing to the next level? Clapham Editing and Publishing Services offers support, guidance, and one-on-one coaching; writing doesn't have to be a solitary act. We provide professional book mentoring. With the experienced and supportive help of our coaches, we will get you back on track and finish your work. So the writing process is as enjoyable as the book is. 



Every author needs a partner

Start your story telling with Clapham Editing and Publishing. We're here to help.

Meet Steve, self-published author

Clapham Publishing’s editing service was incredibly thorough and detailed. They took the time to read and understand my book and my writing style before it was edited. In that way CPS was able to help me to tell the story in a clearer, more readable way. Additionally CPS was an accessible, invaluable resource even after the edit was finished. Their work gave me the confidence to believe in mine.      

     - Steve Powell

Shirley Morrison.jpg

Meet Shirley, published author

 Clapham Publishing's editing service has been key to my success in landing a publisher. The team helped guide me with their knowledge and expertise in the publishing industry. 

     - Shirley Morrison

Meet Don, aspiring writer

The advice I got from Clapham Publishing is extremely clarifying for me as a new writer getting my mind around the often confusing world of publishing.

     - Donald MacLeay

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