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Book Covers

We're happy to work with images supplied by the author or to create a cover entirely from scratch.

We can create beautiful hardcover books, paperbacks and ebooks in a wide range of styles. 

Our editors have five decades of experience in the publishing industry. We've researched and copywritten scripts for videos, copywritten blogs and webpages, advised on cookbooks and memoirs, and edited doctoral dissertations, grant applications, business proposals, management books, genre thrillers, narrative non-fiction, literary fiction, kiddie and young adult, romance, women's fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction.


Some of the works that we've edited have been self-published and some have been published by established presses. Some have been presented for doctoral defences and some kept for the privacy of the family and friends. Some authors have been signed by literary agents. Some of the work has been read on websites, analysed by funding agencies or viewed on youtube.

We also help books see the light of day in multiple formats: paperback, hardcover, ebooks and audio. And we can help you choose which distribution channel is best for you.


Writers who send their work to us know that they're getting experienced and knowledgeable feedback, appropriate for the stage they're working at, and that they get the support of a team for the same goal as the author. We tailor our services to your exact needs.


For an endorsement from published author, Sarah Gray, please click here.

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