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Ever gotten stuck on a plot twist? Wondered if your characters were real? Ever had a great idea for a book but didn't know if it were do-able or even how to start writing it? Or perhaps you're in a creative drought and need an inspirational drink of water.

Coaching is an on-going process of engaging with an experienced and knowledgeable editor about your book, bouncing ideas off the best sounding board imaginable. The conversation will be honest and informative, supportive and understanding. Clapham Publishing Services offers guidance and aid.

How it works: Email us to discuss your book. Once payment has been made, conversations are through Skype. Or Zoom. Or Microsoft Meetings. If you need assistance, we can walk you through it.

The cost: £75 per one hour session. That can include some reading, depending on the amount and the need.

"It is a great pleasure working with my editor and I find her insights, judgment and clarity of purpose inspiring. They lead to more productive and better focused writing."   - Caroline Russell Clark

Coaching and Mentoring

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It's a complicated world, and it's not always obvious which step to take next; self-publish, get an agent, cold-call publishers, take another course. Email us your question and you'll get expert advice from experienced professionals who know the industry and how it works. We'll get back to you with detailed and constructive advice within a few days (longer over Bank Holidays).

How it works: Email us and once payment is made, we'll answer your question.

The cost: £25 a response

"I needed some advice on how to write my business book. I found the knowledgeable feedback and experience at Clapham Publishing Services to be invaluable."    - Sarah Nelson

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