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Finding New Fans

Even in the good old days, book tours were never straightforward affairs. The planning alone was daunting. Though bus rides were cheap and authors slept on the spare couches of other writers and contacts, tours were still expensive. 

Fortunately, technology offers writers the virtual tour, which means that the authors can get their books in front of other people in far flung cities via bloggers and vloggers. Some charge for their services, some ask for donations to their favourite causes, and some do it for free. They are generally busy, always picky and completely unpredictable.

But they can boost sales of your book, supply you with great quotes and endorsements, and find you new  fans. If you're struggling to sell your book and think it has potential, then this might be a good avenue to pursue.

Over the years, we've built relationships with these people, know their likes and dislikes, what to send them and in which formats.

Contact us to tell us about your book and we can discuss whether we have bloggers or vloggers who might be interested to reading it.  

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