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6 Reasons Why Writers Love Twitter

Whats all the fuss about? I'll tell you...

1. They love to play the synonym game. How to make a long sentence short to meet the 140 character limit. How to cut cut cut while retaining the essence of the idea. How to comment and retweet to their own followers in a way that’s witty, flirty and ironic. It’s how writers play.

2. They love the short breaks that it provides. Not too much social interaction like facebook or serious articles like G+ or feelings of inadequacy like LinkedIn. But instead little snippets of info and fun.

3. Who doesn’t love a pub, the cozy conviviality, the warmth and wash of noise like waves on a beach. Writing is a lonely business. Writers love the # communities. Who else will share their excitement about a new book coming out from their fav author. Or commiserate about their fav author still not getting around to writing. Not mentioning George RR Martin just saying. And like all pubs, it’s loaded with gossip, celebs making idiots of themselves, and yes a lot of noise. But it’s a warm and comforting noise.

4. They love how so many press that little heart to like their post and even retweet. It’s just… nice. And the world could use more nice in it.

5. Writers can get bored. And twitter can be really interesting. Writers can do research on it. Everyone can learn a lot. It’s quite democratizing in that regard. And yes, it can also be boring, but don’t read those bits.

6. The ephemera of twitter is seductive. They spend their days trying to write words that linger long enough to take root, and twitter offers transience. It’s like a get-out- jail-for- free card.

It’s simple and free, democratic and interesting, and above all fun.

What’s not to love?

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