6 Reasons Why Writers Love Twitter

Whats all the fuss about? I'll tell you... 1. They love to play the synonym game. How to make a long sentence short to meet the 140 character limit. How to cut cut cut while retaining the essence of the idea. How to comment and retweet to their own followers in a way that’s witty, flirty and ironic. It’s how writers play. 2. They love the short breaks that it provides. Not too much social interaction like facebook or serious articles like G+ or feelings of inadequacy like LinkedIn. But instead little snippets of info and fun. 3. Who doesn’t love a pub, the cozy conviviality, the warmth and wash of noise like waves on a beach. Writing is a lonely business. Writers love the # communitie

Nailing the first 5 pages

Writers have to nail the 1st twenty-five pages of the book. Preferably the 1st 5. Agents and publishers only read those pages. Amazon only lists those on its “Look Inside” feature. People browsing in the bookstore or on their friend’s shelves will only read it. The first twenty-five pages of the book have to be perfect. And yet, good luck doing it. It’s not like it’s easy. So, here’s a way to think of the first 5 pages: It’s a blind date. You’re hesitant to go out with your colleague’s wife’s cousin visiting from out of town. Yet you wouldn’t mind meeting someone special. So out you go. Like a blind date, the first 5 pages introduces us to key elements of the book. You’re meeting a babe not

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